Legal Intelligence

If the plans of the neighbors are not known, alliances cannot be made; if you don't know the conformation of mountains and forests, dangerous landscapes and marshes, you can't move armies ... Think carefully before moving; whoever knows the direct and indirect strategies, wins first.
(Sun Tzu, the art of war, 6th century B.C.)

    the risk arises from not knowing what you are doing
    (William Buffet)

      Legal Intelligence is a new way of consulting in the world of economics and finance, placing itself on the broad spectrum of advisoring activities to which companies use. We have declined some intelligence techniques in a language that is more understandable to operators in the business world, in order to provide decision makers with an additional tool to be able to reach the strategic decision in a more complete way. Whether you want to attack the market, with operations of acquisition, penetration, expansion, delocalization of production units, or that you want to protect yourself from operations or markets hostile to us (and this often happens in the global economy) we can use the Legal Intelligence. At government level, these disciplines are called Economic Intelligence and Financial Intelligence, and they support the competitiveness of national companies defined as strategic. Legal Intelligence, with other tools and knowledge, extends this usability to companies tout court. Intelligence, you know, is the science of before, not after. With Intelligence we try to make preventive assessments, so that we can obtain a scoreboard that anticipates the facts that may intervene or happen. All this is done with the technical and scientific rigor that only a correct application of intelligence techniques can guarantee. Our aim, therefore, is to provide elements of evaluation, concrete and adhering to reality, in a globalized world where the border between opportunity and deception, risk and advantage, is less and less clear. Intelligence, thus conceived, becomes an essential tool to be used in the globalized scenario in which we all operate. In essence, as mentioned, Legal Intelligence acts as an additional guarantee in the process of advisoring and strategic review of business and financial activities, integrating itself into the process itself as one of its components.

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