Competitive intelligence


ompetitive Intelligence is a particular widespread discipline in Anglo-Saxon countries. Competitive Intelligence units are part of Multinational Companies or of those with an international market. Small and medium-sized enterprises, or with a medium size  financial statement, usually do not have in house resources of this kind and, therefore, the service is given in outsourcing. What is the Competitive Intelligence and what this kind of service can offer them? As is quite clear, the C.I. is a discipline that has at its base the collection of qualified information. On the basis of qualified information (all related but not limited to the economic / industrial / financial sector) the expert of C.I. will evaluate the possible operating scenarios that the customer should consider. This tool allows companies to operate with more expertise in order to make the “right choice” in a particular and delicate moment in company’s life.


he expert of Competitive Intelligence is a professional who combines specialized knowledge of economics, finance and strategic development of qualified information. His expertise is made available to companies and develops a relationship based on absolute confidentiality. The skills  of the professional performance, you understand, are of fundamental importance for the company and for this reason only a trusted relationship can assure the success of the C.I. . The consulting activity in the C.I. also expands to checking the vulnerability of companies that require this type of service. Very often companies not very structured and strong, loose the comparison with competitors or with the market, because a more careful examination reveals weaknesses, problems and defects inside them, preventing their growth, or even worse, becoming weapons in the hands of competitors. To avoid this, the CI provides businesses an assessment of criticality, a sort of “counter intelligence” which fixes possible attacks by competitors before they start.

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