Customer Monitoring and Risk Assessment


he diffusion of fraud systems and the anonymity in which the dishonest operators often manage to hide, has created the need to implement the procedures related to the verification of reliability, both towards customers and towards the feasibility of the projects that are often basis of certain operations. International discipline, especially regarding anti-money laundering legislation, is fairly uniform, reflecting the same requirements of transparency and legibility of operations. However, these rules do not always allow their free application, especially because at some point the information collected must be evaluated, in order to decide whether or not a transaction must be submitted to the Authority. So a structural and cognitive limit emerges: the operator or the professional, called to apply the anti-money laundering legislation, stops when he is asked by law to report a subject or an operation. In fact, an “investigative capacity” that certainly does not belong to the operator is required.


e therefore witness a considerable development of information gathering techniques, which however combines a lack of capacity (through no fault) to evaluate the information collected. This activity, in fact, is more in charge of inspection bodies or even of police, certainly not to a commercial or financial operator. The need therefore arises to be able to manage the information collected. With our professionalism, we can evaluate, examine, manage and identify the profiles for which it is necessary to report to the competent authorities. In fact, we have developed a proper KYC (Know Your Client) procedure that absorbs the indications contained in the AML (anti Money Laundering) disciplines, making the upstream information collection effective.

Paolo Costantini, with its thirty-year experience in the sector, is able to propose a valid and consolidated experience, ensuring professional standards of the highest level, in order to allow its customers to carefully assess the risks deriving from a bad evaluation of data and information acquired.