hen it comes to internationalize a company, you need both knowledge of the market and knowledge of the country, the mentality, the way of doing business, and much more, especially when covering new markets, as the countries of the Middle East, South East Asia and those of the former Soviet Union. In these areas approaches and methodologies needed are not exactly those found in marketing manuals. This task requires personal experiences and consultants who “know” the territory. The indicated areas are certainly those where the increased commercial expansion and the fastest growth of the domestic product is expected in the next 10 years. Plenty of opportunities, but you have to know what you are going to face. Economic models, and finance, are based on assumptions very different, and prevalent, from those familiar in the “Western” world.


he initial investment, very often, does not necessarily generate economic revenue in the short term. Internationalizing a company in these areas costs much more time and much more money. After all, they are the only areas of expansion that can provide today the opportunity for growth for European products, with Western markets “saturated” of products and with some of them that are or will be out of Western markets very soon. Those same kinds, however, are required in other markets, and this is the entrepreneur’s ability: seizing opportunities where it is less easy, but more effective.