Language Intelligence


n the economic and financial world, communication plays a fundamental role. After careful research through open source intelligence, we must ask ourselves a further reflection regarding the language we are going to analyze and its contents. Each language has parameters that are repeated in a punctual, systemic and recursive way. Both in written and oral form, all of us, even unconsciously, leave traces of our hidden intentions. In practice, starting from finite means, we are all able to produce an infinite series of combinations. Our expressive modalities are based on a certain common patrimony, but they differ from each other both in terms of style and in terms of events experienced directly or indirectly by the speaker. The intelligence of language and its predictive functionality allow us to identify the real meaning and meaning of all that is our expression. It is sufficient to have writing models developed by the person, whether natural or legal, that we want to know: from very simple posts from social networks to e-mails: everything that is writing, even associated with images, turns into an advertisement and revelation.


t is also clear that it is necessary to provide the analyst with a sufficiently large documentary framework so that he can draw a comparative study from it and evaluate the critical passages. In the same way, through the collection of common media articles, it is possible to reconstruct the occult or implicit message. Consequently, certain financial products or some deferred political-economic maneuvers can be anticipated with a high margin of fairness. No text is free of recurring occurrences and formulas, not even the expertly made one.With the method of forecasting linguistic analysis, it is possible to reveal and anticipate economic-financial and political-informative choices and behaviors. The intelligence of language, therefore, is a real science that finds applications of the highest income if performed with the typical trappings of this discipline.

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