My Life

Paolo was born in 1962 in a small town in the Abruzzo Region, Ortona, on the Adriatic Sea. He stayed in this place for  a short time, because his father, a career soldier, was transferred to other locations, in central Italy.

He did end up in the capital of Abruzzo, L’Aquila, where he entered the primary school.

In 1969 his family moved to the city of Ascoli Piceno, an ancient pre Roman site, which developed in the Middle Ages and is still a place with remarkable artistic and monumental treasures.

In this town Paolo shaped his character, both scholastically and  in sports.

He completed his studies and graduated, and then started in the late seventies and early eighties, his university career in the field of law.

But the attraction of military life, where he grew up, led him to enter an Academy, after participating and winning a national public competition. So, in 1982, he joined the Accademia della Guardia di Finanza, the high specialized branch of the financial police.

He spent four years training between Rome and Bergamo and at the end of this hard and intense period, started the service in the city of Trieste with the rank of Lieutenant. It remained in this first location for a short time, moved to Tarvisio, on the border between Italy, Yugoslavia and Austria, for a challenging and  rewarding command.The border experience, the hard climatic conditions, the distance  from city life and his complete dedication to his task, shaped his character as Commander of men and qualified  more and more Paolo as Officer of the Guardia di Finanza.

Advancing to the rank of Captain he moved to Palermo, Sicily, in 1988, during one of the harshest mafia wars between the State and the organized crime. With humility and spirit of sacrifice, Paolo started his investigations into business activities of the Mafia and its supporters, in addition to fighting at 360 degree the financial crime.

He met at this time the main characters of the fight against the Mafia, the great magistrates and judges who sacrificed their lives for this battle. The beauty of Sicily, its colors, its people, will remain forever in Paolo’s memories and this period of  his life will be remembered as one e of the most terrible and beautiful moments at the same time. For outstanding achievements, Paul is personally awarded by the Italian Head of State.

After the death of Judge Borsellino, Paolo is assigned as an instructor at the non-commissioned (NCO) School of the Guardia di Finanza, in L’Aquila, getting back to one of the cities where he spent a short period of his childhood. In this place he deepened the study of tax matters, the direct and indirect taxes, teaching in the classroom to more than 3000 students in three years of training. The teaching will remain one of the most attracting tasks for Paolo, who prefers the contact with people and sharing his knowledge. At the end of this period the General Command of the Guardia di Finanza called him back to active service, as part of the Commanding Officers. He will remain in this position for 5 years. In particular, he was responsible for the relations with the corresponding agencies in Europe, carrying out his service with frequent appearances in European countries and in touch with the Community Institutions dedicated to contrast crime and tax evasion, especially in V.A.T. Frauds.

Because of this international experience, it was then called to play an important and delicate role for the Italian Government, in activities that occupied  him for 14 years, in different countries of the world, in particular those of Arab culture. In 2015, Paolo decided to resign with the rank of Colonel to pursue an independent professional career. Paul lives with his family in Rome, and divides his time between this city, Milan, London, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, for professional reasons.

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