Open Source Intelligence


he topicality of the information world is the most chaotic and crowded, thanks to counter-information and disinformation. The widespread diffusion of news and information reveals, very often, an enormous amount of fake-news and as many counter-information destined to disprove them. All this, today, requires careful preventive examination before we can say that some news “is true”. It is quite clear that disinformation and counter-information are managed by those who benefit from that type of activity. It is therefore the task of the intelligence of open sources to carry out the analysis and evaluation useful for selecting real and founded information from unfounded and false information.


n the world of economics and finance, misinformation or partial information is a practice, because no company, for example, advertises or disseminates totally truthful information when the financial statements are not optimal. Maybe it informs us, but only partially. It is therefore essential to know how to discern the correct, complete and complete information from semi-information, from half-truths or even from total deviations from the truth.

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