Urban Intelligence


f you will start to operate in a global and globalized context, it is important to know the geographical, urban, suburban or even virtual territory in which you intend to develop and promote your business, both directly and indirectly. The study and analysis of the factors that can influence a strategy also pass through the knowledge of the dynamics that animate certain territories, more or less large, more or less delimited.


thnic groups, territorial logics, local habits, influence of local power centers, incidence of organized crime on the territory and their influence on development and production dynamics, ideological assemblies, are just some of the aspects that must be part of our basic knowledge when we intend to face a challenge and be performing, especially if we intend to operate outside our usual territorial contexts. Urban Intelligence therefore requires a deep knowledge of the area, which can only be the result of a wealth of knowledges actually acquired in the field. Being able to rely on these resources is an often fundamental plus.

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